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      Trafford drank it, more to please the man than because he acknowledged the need of it, and Johnson, tossing the empty glass to a stable help, said:

      My father does, he said, with a smile. But not the people, Esmeralda.I dont mind, he said.

      He is only a manand he loved herloved her before I saw her, and shehave you forgotten already how beautiful she is? He is only a man, not an angel from heaven to withstand a temptation which only an angel could resist. Whyhe laughed bitterlyhad I been in his place I should have done the same.That is not trueand you know it! she said. Wait; I dont want you to answer me, to talk to me as if I were a child, an ignorant girl. II should hate to have you lie to me. Besides, it is too late.

      What is the matter with you? she asked.And the cost, sir? said Trafford, quietly.



      No, no! Esmeralda exclaimed, with a strange expression in her voice and face. No, no! I am not!